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Bringing together experienced and renowned scientists, sociologists and environmentalists.

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Who we are

Rwenzo – Green Associates Ltd is a sought after, Multi-Disciplinary Environmental Consulting, Auditing and Scientific Services firm which was established in 2010 with the main objective of supporting East Africa’s Development process through providing Professional Services to the Built and Natural Environments in the following core service areas: High Quality Feasibility and Impact Studies, Environmental and Social Impact Assessments, Resettlement Action Plans (RAPs),Climate Impact Assessments, Solid & Hazardous Waste Management, Environmental and Social Compliance, Environmental and Social Audits, Natural Sciences, Sustainability, Air Quality and Climate Change, Environmental Remediation, Water Resources and Transportation, Energy, Utilities, and Building Sciences. Today our Clients benefit from our continued growth and expansion of services in a number of technical areas.

RGA’s growth has been productive, driven by the firm’s ability to identify and implement integrated solutions to complex environmental issues and challenges. Although the registration of the Company is more recent, it has brought together renowned Scientists with experience in the Biophysical and Human Components as indicated in the core service areas.

Excellent environmental outcomes are central to our day-to-day work. RGA is particularly adept at developing synergistic teams and alliances to provide sustainable, innovative, and cost-effective environmental solutions. In addition, the Company has acquired through its members a database consisting of many experts both local and international in various professions and expertise to back up its capacity when required. This multi skilled and experienced human resource base makes and recognizes that the ability to develop and implement solutions to complex environmental problems often requires the collaboration of specialists. For each project, Rwenzo Green Associates' assembles an experienced team of professionals with experience and expertise in disciplines necessary to address the specific challenges of the project at hand. RGA aims to exceed client expectations, provide value for money, promote excellent service delivery and quality.

The Vision

"To Preserve the Environment and Support Sustainable Development through provision of Sustainable, Innovative, and Cost-Effective Environmental Solutions”.

Effective sustainable development can only be attained when the three aspects of Sustainability, People, Planet (Environment) and Profit (Value) are respected and executed in a balanced proportion. Our focus is specifically on increasing the sustainability of our operations, our products and activities and the suppliers and subcontractors (“contractors”) in our supply chain. Corporate Social Responsibility is embedded in our Strategy and Policy.

The Mission

“Through Environment, Social, Climate, Scientific Research and Design Services, We seek to contribute to Uganda and East Africa’s Sustainable Socio Economic Development”.

Through achieving commercial success and full satisfaction for our clients, we seek to build a sustainable future for all the stakeholders in the community.

Our Values

Our Company’s foundation is built on Our Values guided by:

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Transparency

in all Processes and Communications.

These values distinguish us and guide our actions. We conduct our business in a Socially responsible and Ethical manner. We respect the Law, Support Universal Human Rights, and Protect the Environment and Benefit the Communities where we work.

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