The overall goal of Rwenzo-Green Associates is to integrate environmental, health and safety management system in our business value chain. Beyond statutory compliance, we believe that managing such risks is a management tool that reduces cost and increases sustainability of our business operations.
Rwenzo-Green Associates is committed to providing a safe working environment for its staff and associates and the general public through technical and organizational measures. In addition to this, we periodically assess compliance with Uganda’s Occupational Health and Safety Act, 2006 and continuously improving its environment, health and safety performance. The objectives of this policy include the following:

  • Provision of premises and working methods that are safe
  • Provision of training, guidance and supervision on practices that limit the health and safety risk for staff
  • Conducting health and safety risk assessments for every assignment, assessing the gaps and developing a mitigation plan for identified risks
  • Implementing a health, safety and environment management system for all company operations.

Office Premises: We believe that having a safe working environment not only increases the productivity of our staff and associates but also benefits their families and other social networks. Our measures in this regard include:

  • Ensuring that good housekeeping is maintained in the Kampala office in line with the Public Health standards by providing for solid waste management;
  • Ensuring that work premises meet ambient air quality standards;
  • Putting in place emergency response systems including fire extinguishers and
  • Inducting staff on health and safety management guidelines and procedures.

In line with national and international best practice, we believe that our field operations should not only minimize community health and safety risks but also protect our staff during field operations. In this regard, Rwenzo- Green Associates engages in the following:

  • Provision for Personal Protective Equipment for all staff and associates while in the field;
  • Ensuring that all accommodation during the field meets required health and safety standards;
  • Ensuring that vehicles used within the field are safe for field staff and also respect traffic regulations;
  • Undertaking of assessments an health, safety and environmental risks including (specific times to be respected as well as social cultural aspects);
  • Developing and implementing a health safety and environment risk mitigation plan and
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation of performance.


With our strategic focus, this policy not only ensures that EHS standards are complied with but also empowers all persons that we engage in our operations have the ability to identify health and safety risks and respond to them. We are committed to periodic evaluation of this policy as means of improving our operational performance.